About us

Welcome to Gienova Automation P/S. 

Gienova Automation delivers consulting services and project-oriented solutions to the Pharma industry in the areas of automation, IT, process and PCS validation.


  • have many years of experience in process automation design and production optimization for our clients.

  • deliver automation batch solutions according to S88 standard.

  • have close contact to Distributed Control System (DCS) suppliers.

  • have high focus in delivering a optimal automation solutions for our customers.

We are

Claus Giemsa

Partner / Owner

CEO, Automation Specialist


+45 20 15 67 65

Martin Thomsen

Partner / Owner

Automation Specialist


+45 21 81 69 66

Alexander Gøricke Laursen

Partner / Owner

Senior Process Automation Engineer


+45 29 21 32 10

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